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New Body Parts

Nick was pissed off at his Ex. Somehow she’d gotten the idea that he’d cheated on her with a stripper whilst they were together. He’d argued for his innocence at first, but she refused to listen. That’s when she had dropped a bomb on him: she was a witch, and if he liked big titted strippers so much, why doesn’t he become one. Nick had laughed at first, but he’d stopped laughing when his chest suddenly ballooned into enormous breasts, and he felt his penis receding into his body. Read more

Damn Serum

24 hours ago, Dan had been a musclebound hulk of a man. It was one of the reasons he’d got his job, as security for one of the biggest Mafia bosses in town. Mostly, it had been a good life. He had all the money and drugs he could want, and the job had it’s benefits when it came to picking up women as well. Everyone feared the mob in this town. However it had not been without it’s risks. Failure was never acceptable, and men spoke in hushed whispers of how whoever failed the Boss disappeared without a trace, and there always seemed to be a new girl in the Boss’s Harem. Dan had never thought much of it, as he was never superstitious. Besides, the girls who appeared could never have been men, and they rarely even spoke English. Read more