Start of something pt 2

After making Angelia a living sex doll, Nick was feeling really good. However, he wanted to make all of the girls who made his life a living hell pay. He had already isolated Angelia from her family, but not her friends. Though Angelia was the worst, her best friend Mia was just as horrible. She would constantly ridicule him, even going as far as hacking into his social media to change everything. He hatched a plan to have her under his spell as well. Nick commanded Angelia to invite Mia over to talk and to get ready to go clubbing. He told Angelia to act normal during that time until he told her it was alright. When Mia got to the house, Angelia led her to the guest room and made an excuse that she had to finish something up. When Anglia left, Nick entered and said the soul banishment spell. Immediately, Mia was speechless, motionless, and expressionless. He told Anglia to get back to the room and for Mia to get naked. Now, he was going to see how these girls really loved each other.


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