She’s Got Good Taste

Beth was really going to owe me for this. My older sister has always been reasonable but I couldn’t believe what she was asking me to do. She was unable to go a date she had been looking forward to all week because she had to finish a major project for work. The guy wouldn’t be able to go out again until the following weekend and Beth didn’t want to wait that long to sink her hooks into him.

“You just have to be me for a few hours and I promise I’ll be forever in your debt,” she begged over the phone.

The women in my family were witches. Their powers typically manifested around puberty, as if living with a hormonal, pubescent young woman wasn’t bad enough. She often used me as a guinea pig when our parents left her to babysit me. I once spent an evening as a Barbie doll because I talked back to her.

She never went beyond the realm of inanimate objects or small animals so the idea of being turned into a woman, my sister at that, was not something I was looking too keen on.

“I’ll swap our bodies right before he picks me up. I’ll get dressed and do my make-up so the hard part will be over,” Beth explained the plan. “John will take you out for a few drinks and some dinner while I stay home in your body and finish my work.”

“How am I supposed to go on a date with a guy?” I inquired. “I don’t know how to act girl.”

“Way ahead of you, little brother. I’m going to add a femininity enhancement spell to the swap. You’ll be a natural,” she said convincingly.

“Fine,” I agreed. “I’ll be over in a little while.”

I arrived at her apartment just as Beth was finished getting ready. Thankfully she was dressed modestly. I learned that the date was going to be mostly outside so Beth was sporting a light brown coat and jeans that looked painted on.

“Ok, are you ready? John just texted me and he said he’ll be here in a couple minutes.”

“Sure. Go for it,” I responded unenthusiasticly.

Beth closed her eyes and began to chant. Experience allowed me to prepare what happened next. A sudden flash of light surrounded me and I began to adjust to my new form.

The most apparent sensations were that of bra supporting weight on his chest, and the panties clinging to a crotch that felt empty. Something else became clear as I took a few steps in Beth’s body.

“Aww, why’d you have to put on a thong, Beth?!” I cried.

She just laughed. “You’ll get used to it. Now –“

She was interrupted by a knock on the door. A family of butterflies began to flutter about in my stomach.

“Well go let him in, stupid!” my old body said.

I almost stumbled on the way to the door as I adjusted to the sway of my new hips. I took a deep breath and opened the door. I was greeted with a “Hello, beautiful” and a kiss on the cheek.

I introduced him to my old body. Beth jokingly threatened John to keep his hands to himself before we left.

After dinner he took me to a nature preserve to watch the sunset. We had a little time to kill before it started so we took a walk down one of the trails. By then I had gotten more used to my borrowed body, the three glasses of wine I had at dinner certainly helped. I even slipped my hand into his as we walked down the trail.

We were a good distance from the main area when he stopped walking and pulled my body against his. “I’ve been waiting to do this all night,” he whispered before moving into kiss me. I was not prepared for the kiss but knew my sister would be pissed if I made him stop and somehow ruined things. Who knows what she would turn me into?

I kissed him back and let my mouth open to allow his tongue in. Our tongues tangled and I let out an involuntary moan as he broke our kiss. He gently ran his hands through my hair and pulled my head back to give him better access to my neck. He licked, kissed, and nibbled it as more moans escaped my lips.

Beth’s body began to do more than just moan in response to John’s advances. I felt a dampness spread throughout my crotch and my nipples pressed against the inside of my bra, aching to be touched. “It must be the femininity enhancement spell,” I thought. “This is how a woman’s would naturally react to this kind of attention. I might as well go with it.”

John unzipped my coat and began unbuttoning my shirt. My dainty hand reached for the hardness that had been pressing against his stomach. Any reservations I had about what was happening immediately vanished when John’s hand made its way into my bra and cupped Beth’s breast. He gently cupped it and grazed his thumb against my nipple. I let out a moan I couldn’t believe came from my mouth as I fumbled for John’s zipper.

“Take it out, gorgeous,” he groaned. By now he had freed both breasts from the bra cups and was expertly tweaking my nipples.

I finally managed to focus enough to pull down his zipper. I reached in and grabbed the throbbing cock in my hand. He groaned as I gave it a playful squeeze. I carefully pulled it out of his zipper, making sure not to scrape it against the teeth – a notion I would have to keep in mind.

I gently pushed John away from my chest and squatted in front of him. The tight jeans I was wearing would not allow me to kneel comfortably. I had not let go of his cock and continued to stroke it. Reality briefly sunk in – I was in my sister’s body, her tits exposed, in middle of the woods, with a man’s dick in my hand. “It has to be the femininity enhancement spell,” I told myself again.

I let Beth’s body do what felt natural. I leaned guided the cock into my mouth with my hand. I let the head rest on my tongue and I wrapped my lips around it, making sure not to scrape it against the teeth. I firmly grabbed the base with my right hand and began to stroke it. Then I started to bob my head in the same rhythm. I felt my breasts join the party. The cool air teased my nipples as the swayed.

I had received my fair share of blow jobs and watched plenty of porn so I just what I’d watched women do thousands of times. Only now I was responsible for controlling the mouth that was wrapped around the cock. I swirled my tongue around the head and made sure that I sucked hard, but not too hard.

Whatever I was doing must have been working because John gasped, “Oh, Beth. You’re gonna make me cum!”

I wasn’t even sure how long I had been doing it but it was about to end with a big mess. I briefly planned on letting him finish on my chest, but I knew I couldn’t give Beth her body back with dried cum all over it. And I knew I definitely couldn’t tell him to go just jerk off into the woods.

I did what felt natural. I regretfully took his cock out of my mouth, looked up at him, and in the sexiest voice possible said, “I want you to cum in my mouth.” I didn’t break eye contact when I hungrily shoved his cock back where it belonged. I bobbed, sucked, and swirled my tongue until I felt his whole body tense up and my mouth filled with stream after stream of warm, salty, gooey cum. I swallowed three times before he finally stopped.

I released his softening cock from my mouth and he helped me up. I did my best to put my boobs back into my bra and buttoned up my shirt. We made our way back to the main area of the reserve and caught the tail end of the sunset.

As soon as I returned to Beth’s apartment she began asking me questions.

“How did it go? How was dinner? Did he pull your chair out for you? Did you kiss him?”

I was about to respond when she said, “Wait, before you say anything I need to get out of this body. I can’t deal with this thing between my legs anymore.”

She chanted again and I was once again back in my male body.

Beth began again, “So? Tell me how –“. She stopped. She smacked her lips together and ran her tongue around her mouth, all the while with a curious look on her face.

Her eyes widened and she stared up at me.

“YOU BLEW HIM?!?!?” she cried.

“It wasn’t my fault!” I fired back, turning bright red. “You’re the one who added that feminine enhancement spell, or whatever it was!”

Beth’s facial expression remained the same but her voice was calm. “I never had a chance to cast that spell. I was about to when John knocked on the door. That was all you, little brother.”

I wanted Beth to turn me invisible, or into the tiniest spot of dust that nobody could see.

Beth smirked, “Maybe if you’re nice to me, I’ll let you go on my next date with him. I’ll be sure to put condoms in my purse.”


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