Narcissist Till the End

Molly had been dating Nick for over a year, and she felt like hell. Nick was a complete narcissist. Whenever they would talk, he would inevitably bring the conversation around to himself. He would always admire himself in the mirror, and rarely compliment how beautiful she was during dates. Even during sex, he would constantly look in the mirror and not in each others eyes. That all would change when Molly met Madame Olga. Madame Olga seemed to know Molly and her problems and gave her a potion and a body swap spell. The potion, she instructed, would allow Nick to lose himself in Molly’s body the longer he looked at his reflection to the point that he would be subservient to Molly in Nick’s body.
The next day, while Molly cooked dinner, she poured the potion into Nick’s drink. Before Nick went to the bathroom to straighten himself, she gave him the drink. Nick consumed it in seconds and went on his way. Molly followed, starting to cast the spell. When they had both entered the bathroom, she completed the spell. Nick, looking at his old body, was scared. Molly grabbed Nick and embraced him, starting to undress him. Now, Molly was fucking Nick in front of a mirror, making sure that he looked at himself before he lost all of his free will.


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