Mind tricks

I remember that last night I was Tom, I met Emily at a nightclub, she was extremely hot. I took her to my hotel room. We both got undressed, I sat on the bed, and she was putting some kind of a show for me, she whispered something in my ear. A few seconds later I saw my oldself naked sitting in bed. I looked down, and saw my body, It was Emily’s body.

“Turn me back! I am a man!” I said. “Emily, please, look at yourself in the mirror, if you were a man, would you have that wonderful body”. I scratched my head while looking at my new beautiful body on the hotel mirror, “I guess not” I said, I felt confused, my head hurt. “You were putting up a great show for me, I thought you wanted this, but if you don’t feel like it, we can just talk or something” Tom said. I always liked guys that really care about me. Then I told him that I did want to rock his world tonight, I just felt a little confused. We had hot passionate sex that night. I didn’t think it would be a one-night stand. But I never heard from him again. It wasn’t a big deal, I knew guys would do anything to have me.


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