Is that me?

I stared into the mirror yet the situation wasn’t changing. The longer I stared still didn’t change the fact that my face still did not stare back at me. This wasn’t the face I was born with, my face was gone, but I was becoming more comfortable with the idea of owning this face. It was an odd sensation because as little as 12 hours ago I had stared at Ashley with envy and lust yet now I stared at her in my reflection. I could never haven gotten close to Ashley in my lifetime. I wasn’t her type of guy, I was unattractive, my dick was too small along with my wallet. I was also too socially awkward to even know what to do with her. All the guys on campus wanted Ashley so they could do unmentionable things to her. I giggled a little as I was closer to Ashley than I ever could be. I had went to bed the awkward loser and somehow when I woke up this morning I found myself hungover with her face staring back at me. I wasn’t sure why I was here or how I could even pull this off……


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