French Love

Jim was missing his girlfriend of 3 years. He was on a three week business trip in Europe and planned to propose to Sara after he would come back home. He was sure that she would say yes, since she loved the expensive things he bought her. And he wanted to make sure that beaitiful thing stayed with him forever.
After arriving at his fancy hotel in London, they agreed to video chat with each other, so he called her.
“Hey Jimmy boy, mon amour”, Sara said with an french accent with a sexy manner. “Missing this sweet flesh already?”, she purred sexily with her accent as she jiggled her beautiful boobs inside her sweater with both of her hands and began to smile. “If you didn’t get it yet, it’s me, André, the one gay french boy who fell in love with you, and the one you called a ‘sick fuck’ for hitting on you! Now guess who got himself some new equipment you can play with when you come home sweety?”, André asked rhetorically as he cupped his new boobs in his new delicate hands again.
Jim could only sit there in shock and disbelieve…
As it turned out, André was a bether Sara in every aspect. Now she knew things in bed that drove him wild, had that sexy french accent that turned him on every time she opened her deliscous lips and as a big plus the new Sara loved him truly.
It didn’t take long and he would put an engagement ring on her finger.


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