“I’m kind of sorry it has to be this way. It sucks that you kind of didn’t get a say in the matter.” We had used an old spell we found and given ourselves a new lease on life. I had approached Rebecca and made her an offer I was afraid she would refuse. Rebecca surprised me though and had chosen to accept the offer and become Marcus. Rebecca had always entertained the idea of being a man and she chose the closest football star she could find. Rebecca now had what she wanted, a cock and a million dollar future. With Rebecca happy that left me wide open to have what I wanted and fill the recent vacancy and become Rebecca. I couldn’t begin to describe my excitement as the new Marcus slid his cock into me and I moaned with pleasure. The old Marcus was now left stuck in my old body and forced to watch me ride his old body. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Marcus, you know the old saying once you go black…..”


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