woke up a girl

Brad went to bed thanking up tear one of the hots girls in school he offten thanks what it would be like to be her that night he her and be her for ever the next morning he wakes up in a unfirmiler room it was a pink room it was a girls. Room he pulled his handes up to his face and notis his finger nails are red then he notis he has long brown hair coming down passed his sholders hi get up and runs to the minor and realise hes in tears body in her room he was wearing a pink night gowne he was so happy he had her big dubol d tits he took the night gowne off sees she didn’t. Have any panties on and only showing his new tight shaved pussy. Realizing he now got be her for ever and a having her makeup her outfits.get go to school as her and knowing he can give birth and can be a liasbeen and pee sitting down and can go to the girls bath room all thes thangs and more made his now hers new pussy so so very wet she flonde a dror full of dildos. And had orgasome after orgasome


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