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Sid wished plain and simple to be a hot slut to the wishing well, tossing in a coin he didn’t realize would activate the well. It was a special coin somehow in circulation, and Sid got his wish. Suddenly he was being ridden on a chair with a big hard cock inside him, as waves of female pleasure coursed through his veins. He smiled in bliss getting exactly what he wanted, not yet even knowing what he looked like or what his partner did either. He was for now just lost in the moment, intense pleasure from hot sex with a man as a sexy hot slut. He heard his own voice moan and was turned on further, verifying his newfound femininity and slut status. Once he had his first female orgasm, then another, then one more, he truly realized this was the right wish. Turning to stare at the man, he was stunned but attracted, it was his best buddy Jeff, and looking in the mirror nearby, he looked like the female version of himself if he was a bit slutty and unruly. Not overly attractive, but sexy none the less. He was for all intents and purposes a hot slut, and chills went through him as his new hunky boyfriend formerly best buddy Jeff called him Sapphire Derrick now instead of Sid Derrick. Even his new name was a bit slutty, like a stripper name, and he no SHE loved it. Next time she would taste Jeff for the first time, and was already trying to get him hard again to suck off his lusciously manly meat pole.

Even Nerds Need to Get Laid

Hank was a redheaded nerd, and at a wishing well one day threw in a copper coin wishing he could easily get laid. When he got home he went down on his back lightheaded. When “he” came to, he was getting laid, as a chick! He had a soft tiny frame, and a man was entering him in his new vagina! It all felt weird, but the penis inside him also felt pleasurable too. He still had his nerd shirt on, though it was a more cutoff smaller one now, fitting his new upper half nicely. His now smooth hair free legs were spread, as he was grasping his tiny ankles, holding his legs in the air with his tiny hands, noticing the red painted nails on those hands, and his tiny new feet as well. Part of him wanted to make the man stop, but the other part, wanted him to continue, Hank had never been laid in his life, and even though his first time was as a chick, he still wanted to experience it fully. At this point he was so desperate, having sex as a girl would be ok with him as any sex at all was better than none. Read more