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TG Camp

Tg camp is a real character builder. Businesses and schools use it so people can appreciate how the other half live.
Roger, Norman and Harry were loving it at first. They embraced being able to look down and see boobs and have great orgasms. But it soon grew old.
They only had really feminine clothes and they all despised wearing them. This lead to lack of clothing and feeling cold. And there is only so many times you can squat to pee. They all can’t wait until they can go home and be male again.

I’ll find a way

The day I was kidnapped was a bizarre one. A mysterious man had taken me away and put me in the boot of his car. It felt like we were driving for days however it was probably only an hour or two. When we stopped I was dragged out and I saw a group of 7 women in front of a white limousine. The mysterious man asked which one of these was me. I was lost because they weren’t me. He said that I was going to become one of these women and I had to choose. I thought this was all foolish and just nodded. I asked if I could see all the women’s tits to assist my decision. They all displayed their breasts for me to observe. Not thinking the man’s theory I chose the one in the middle who was named Montana. Suddenly I was standing on the other side looking at the mysterious man and a corpse on the ground. The corpse was me. I was so panicked and confused and then it hit me. I am Montana. I fondle my breasts and run my hands through my long hair. I squeeze my backside and reach between my legs and find nothing apart from a moist slit. It is confirmed I am Montana.
The mysterious man never gave a true reason for why he did this but he never let me change back. Kt’s so hard being a girl with a man’s mind. I hate wearing skirts and heels. Don’t even start about that stupid hair. I’ll find a way to change back I just know I will.