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The Program

I was browsing my email when I stumbled upon one with the subject “Dislike your life? Change it now!” I normally wouldn’t open these but I decided to just for a laugh and my computer immediately downloaded and opened a program.
As it did, my webcam lit up for a brief second and the program then showed a 3D model of me with sliders to modify body and mind. Curiously I moved the hair slider and my hair fell down in front of my face blocking the screen.
Amazed, I called my friend into the room. After showing him what it could do, he wanted to try it out. I handed him my laptop while he looked at the program. “So Alex, if I just click something it changes you?” He asked.
“Yeah I guess, I don’t know how it works though.” I replied. He nodded then clicked something. I instantly felt different and looked down, he turned me into a woman!
“Wow it worked! I mean I figured it would but to actually see it..wow!” He said. “This is amazing and all, but can you change me back?” I ask. “Yeah Alex, give me a second…”
*CLICK* I felt different again. I looked around but I didn’t notice any change. “What’d you do?” I asked curiously. “Nothing Ana..” He replied still using the program. Ana? My name is….Ana…
*CLICK* Hmmm…now I feel…better? “I really think you’re doing something….” I said. “I might be doing a thing or two..” He said. I wondered what he was doing.
*CLICK* Mmm….I never noticed how good my friend looked…
*CLICK* I want him so bad….
*CLICK* I need him… “Ana how are you feeling?” He asked curiously. “I…I need you…” I said. “You need me? How?” He asked me. “I..need you to fuck me…” I almost begged.
“Just one more thing then Ana.” He said. *CLICK* “Please Master…fuck me…” I said begging him. “Come here.” He said pulling me in and kissing me.
We held that embrace for a few minutes then he typed something into the laptop and suddenly I was collared with a leash. He threw me down on the bed and started to fuck me.
“Who owns you, Ana?” He said slapping my ass as he fucked me. “You own me, Master I’m yours!” I moaned. We fucked for an hour, trying out new positions.
After he finished he went back to the laptop. *CLICK* I love my Master and I’m glad we’ve been together so long. I just wish he’d spend less time on his laptop…