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No Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

Tim was complaining about the 3.5 headphone jack being gone from the iPhone 7. His girlfriend texted him that he whined like a girl! Tim retaliated saying if he were a girl he would be a better one than her! She texted back that was fine and prove it! Suddenly Tim felt different, and the huge weight on his chest now gave it away right away. Suddenly a missing headphone jack on a cellphone was not even an issue on his mind, as he had two other big issues now, and a lot other ones too! Then his heart sank as he got a text from his girlfriend saying she was dumping him, she was not into chicks, and when he said he wasn’t a chick and to change him back, she said he was Tabatha, didn’t know who Tim was, and stopped texting the new woman! Read more