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She keeps a watchful eye on me. Every time I act out of line, make a non-feminine action, or lock myself up, she sends a pulse. What is a pulse? A warm vibrant energy that gradually builds within my new dainty frame until it explodes into a crescendo of orgasmic delight. My entire body vibrates within itself as my mind is wracked back and forth by the female pleasure. Every time I clutch my sides and moan out in the most sultry voice; automatically. The feeling of my vagina’s walls spasming; the wetness that dampens my thighs; the sweet scent of my feminine nectar. The complete overflow of female hormones caused by sudden bliss enthralls my mind and body into a state of pure carnal pleasure after the pulse. I am forced to seek the nearest method for a second release- whether that be my hand, a toy, or a man. Then I simply melt into my body’s lust and sit there in a wave of femininity. Read more