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Private show

“Wow! I can’t belive it! It’s so awsome” Cody was getting excited as he started to strip. It will be the first time to see real life breasts and he didn’t care they were attached to him right now.
Earlier his father called up everybody to show his new invention. They gathered in the living room, five people in total. Himself, his stepmother Sarah, his father James and his older brother Dave with his girlfriend Megan. Unfortunately, his father miscalculated something and his device exploded, causing everyone to randomly swap bodies. And so his father James endend up in Dave’s body, Dave was his girlfriend Megan, Megan was James, Sarah was Cody and Cody was her. After making sure nobody was hurt James started to repair his device, hoping it will switch them back to their original bodies. The rest of the family had stick together until late evening when they went to sleep. Read more