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Stacy’s secret

Alan smiled feeling like the luckiest guy in the world when he saw his beautiful girlfriend waiting for him. He wasn’t very popular at school but somehow he managed to get the prettiest and most popular girl at school, Stacy West. Since his father dissapeared three years ago Alan barely talked to anyone and spend most of the time alone. He didn’t knew why his dad left without saying anything and he grew up to hate him. If only Alan knew that his father is closer than he could imagine. Read more

Too late to go back

I was worried about my son when he met this girl, Amanda. She seemed nice at first until i found out her true nature. I knew this girl would put him in trouble but my son didn’t listen to me. Mike was head over heels for her and i couldn’t do anything about it. Teenagers are foolish so i had to act quickly, my son’s grades were already getting worse and i had a call from the principal noticing me about his behavior. Read more