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Seeing double – choices

I was making out with my girlfriend Kim in her bedroom. It was the first time ever she allowed me to get to second base, “finally” I said as I squeezed her right breast. “You like my breasts John?” she asked me, which I found even more weird, except when she is mad, she never calls me by my first name. Then, someone else entered Kim’s room. It was Kim, I mean, another Kim, dressed exactly the same as the Kim I was making out with. “What the hell?” she asked, “John? who is this? were you cheating on me?” I was as confused as her. “No! I was with you, I mean I thought it was you”. “Well, throw this BH out!” she said, but the other Kim then said “I don’t know who this girl is, but I am Kim, the real Kim. Throw her out!”. Read more