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The Creature Part II

I got up and put my pajamas back on before going back to my room to think over what I was going to tell my parents when they got home. As I was coming up with a plan the doorbell rang. I had forgotten that Hayley was supposed to meet Lexi at her house after she had cleaned herself up. I walked down stairs trying to decide what to tell her but got distracted when I remembered her amazing body and before I knew I had opened the door. She looked extremely mad and stormed into the house demanding to know why Hayley still hadn’t showed up at her place. I thought quickly and told her that she had felt ill and was probably throwing up in the bathroom right now. I cursed myself for saying that as I knew that there was still blood all over the floor in the shower but before I could say anything she bolted upstairs. I ran after her as fast as I could but even with the creature allowing me to move at inhuman speed I still didn’t catch her before she got to the bathroom and threw open the door. When I caught her she was standing at the entrance to the shower which still had the glass door wide open. She looked at me terrified and asked where Hayley was. I knew I was in trouble and the first solution that came to mind while looking at the blood was the creature so I quickly stripped off my pajamas right in front of her. At first she gave me a puzzled look but after I dropped my pajamas she immediately locked her eyes on my vagina and the two little nubs sticking out of it. I gently rubbed my clit hoping the stimulus would get its attention and by god it did. One arm shot at amazing speed out, wrapped around her neck and arms and pinned her to the wall in the shower while the other started to explore her body but stopped when all it felt was the cloth of her shirt and skirt and ended up backing off and just hovering in front of her. I realized that it must need its victims to be completely naked so I started to slowly walk towards her with a strange calm. Once I got to her I examined her looking up and down at her amazing body. I was kind of sad about turning a body so perfect into goop to be digested by my new friend but I can’t let her leave now that she has seen it. I grab her shirts collar and rip the shirt right down the middle feeling no resistance from the shirt. I was amazed at how easy it was for me and knew the creature was strong but not that strong. Her shirt fell to the ground and I put my hands on each side of her jean skirt and pulled again I felt no resistance but her skirt tore down both the front and back and I was left holding two pieces of cloth. All she had now was her bra and panties as she had taken her flip flops off when she entered. I had only ever seen Lexi in a bikini once and had forgotten just how big her chest was. Her boobs were each as big as my head and her ass was just defied reason. I grabbed her bra with one hand and the front of her panties with the other and pulled both off in unison. Before me now stood a naked goddess. I had the urge to get down on my hands and knees and bow to this perfection in front of me. She saw me staring and sneered. After I saw that I remembered the person inside that body and stepped back. The next thing that happened I was not expecting. First the creatures head emerged from within me and hovered right in front of her face then without any notice its free arms wrapped around her body just under her arms and then the two pulled apart. Its mouth wrapped around the stub of her neck that was left before any blood even had a chance to come out. I was now looking at Lexi’s decapitated head held by the creatures arm and watched the surprised look of her head trying to process what had just happened slowly disappear as she died. As I was watching the creature had made a lot of progress engulfing her body whole. I could feel the creature leaving my body as it worked its way farther down. What amazed me though is that not a drop of blood escaped its mouth onto the floor. So it must have stopped the bleeding from her neck when it covered it somehow. When it reached her knees and it lifted her up into the air not able to support the weight of her o fell onto my back and watched as the last of her feet disappeared into its mouth. I watched as he body made its way towards me however her body was facing down and mine up but I still wondered what it would feel like for something like this to enter me. My imagination couldn’t even come close to what it felt like once she started to be brought inside of me. My brains was unable to even process all of the pleasure that that being sent to it and I just lied there, eyes and mouth wide open. When her shoulders touched the inside of mine the movement stopped for a second. Though before I could do anything her knees were forcibly bent and I felt her neck start to move down the inside of my back. Once her neck reached my ass and her ass was at my shoulders I regained my senses. My body again looked like it had before with Hayley except I could feel Lexi’s still solid body inside of me instead of just a pile of mush. I could feel her ass at my shoulders and neck and see her legs outlined in the front of my body. The only really wired part was that her feet were sticking into my boobs pushing them out into foot shaped boobs. Her body didn’t stay like that for long as I felt her begin to be rotated inside of me. The rotation stopped when her neck and shoulders were perfectly aligned with my own. Her feet were then pulled down into my legs and I watched as her legs extended and her feet kept traveling down until again hers matched mine perfectly. All that was left was her arms which promptly started as soon as her legs were in place and much like her legs moved into my own arms until each and every one of her fingers lined up with mine. My body had stretched to accommodate the areas that were large than my own and had even gone as far as contract where it needed such as my waist in order to match the body that a few minutes earlier I had envied. Now my body looked exactly as hers once had but with my head attached. I went to grab my new boobs and actually felt resistance. I poked at several other places on my new body and could actually feel hers under my skin. My body was solid again even if it wasn’t actually mine to begin with but I didn’t care I looked amazing. I looked up from my body and noticed that the arm was still holding her head in the air and it kind of started to make me feel a little bad but before l could sulk anymore its head shot out and engulfed her head. I watched as the last of her hair was then also pulled in before the creature completely crushed her skull and head inside of its mouth before turning it and continuing the process until I assumed her head was just mush before pulling it towards me in a ball. Once the remains of the head reached my opening I felt only a soft jet of liquid getting pumped inside of me and to my joy it separated into four noticeable streams. Two went to my each of my ass cheeks and the other two expanded my boobs. I didn’t know that Lexi’s body could look better than it already had but this creature knew just what to put where to make a girl’s body look good. Read more