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The president

“Hello citizens of U.S.A.” said the blond woman that suddenly apeared in every T.V. channel.
“you might not recognize me but I am your president. I voluntary got the TG virus. You probably wandering why I did so. The reason is, I was the one who decided to spread it world wide. It was the U.N. decission, the humanity last resort. After the virus will cover the whole world there will be no more genders, no more races and no more wars.
Women also can get infected by the virus. After they will, their body will be immuned to most diseases we know. Also you don’t have to worry about breeding. With today technology it is piece of cake to breed even with world full of women.
As you probably noticed the virus is very contagious but you the don’t wait till someone will infect you.
If you think just like me that the virus will bring bright future to the humanity you may get it voluntarity just like me.
The goverment is now opening TG Centers around the nation so you can join us.
release the woman inside you. Give to the feminine side. Help us save the world”.