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Becoming your true love

The witch was mad. She cursed me to never have true love. She was wrong. I found her and she is amazing. Tonight we had sex. But then we passed out…
…my mind was becoming fuzzy like it was becoming someone else…
…but that can’t happen, right?
…I woke up, and he had vanished. I loved him so much and hoped I would be his wife, but nobody wants to love someone who looks like me. I guess the witch won.

Be careful what you wish for!

“I wish I was in her body”. That’s it, that is the wish I want, Chris thought to himself as the genie waited. Chris hated his life, his parents were cruel to him, and nobody liked him. But his sister, everyone adored her. Her life was the best and he wanted it. He had no physical attraction to his sister, and the thought of being her kind of creeped him out, but he knew his life would be a thousand times better. “your wish is granted,” said the genie. What Chris did not know was the genie was only able to grant the one wish because of his lamp being damaged, also his power was weakened so he granted it the only was he could. He changed the minds of everyone in the world to think that Chris and his sister were dating, and not actually siblings. In an instant the wish was done. Chris looked at Carissa, with lust in his eyes. “I need you now.” Carissa wasted no time in getting naked and lowering herself onto Chris’ rock hard member. Chris loved it when he was inside his girlfriend like this, it was so amazing he started to cum.