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To respect a maid

Alice was tired of how her boss, Mike, treated her. She was only a maid in a rich man’s house, but she deserved some respect, and she was going to get it.
Some days ago she had found a spell book while cleaning the attic of his master (as he ordered her to call him) that she studied eagerly, and finally her hard work would be rewarded.
-Alice, move your sexy ass over here!- he was also a misogynist pig.
-Yes master- she answered.
-From now on, this will be your uniform- he said showing an outfit that was more likely a black apron, so skimpy that barely covered her breast, her ass would be completely exposed, and her pussy would be only covered by a black thong. That was the final insult.
-Thanks master!- she exclaimed. Mike was caught out of guard, normally his maid would be mad, maybe she had finally understood her position.
-As a thank you, master, let me help you relax- she said smiling. Relaxing only had a meaning for Mike.
He sat in a couch, with great hopes in the body of his maid, but she moved to his back. Touching his forehead she started speaking.
-Master, you are very stressed, your mind is so tired, you should relax and let your thought wander for a change- and then she started speaking in some strange language.
At first Mike resisted, he wasn’t tired, he only wanted to fuck his sexy maid, but there was something in her voice…, the way she spoke those odd words made him felt very relaxed. Soon his mind was completely blank, his body more relaxed than ever.
-Mike, can you hear me?- Alice asked.
-Yes- he answered in a monotone tone. Alice grinned, the spell had done its job.
-Mike, you are a very powerful man, you love women’s bodies, specially big boobs and asses; you work using your mind, not your body, right?
-If you really want to relax, we should change that a bit. You want to relax, Mike?
-Then let’s start with the changes: from now on you won’t need your mind to work, in fact you won’t need it for anything, you will only work with your body. What should be a good job for your body?… Oh, I know! You could be my maid. But if you are the maid there won’t be any master… I guess I could be the mistress, only to make you work as a true maid. Wouldn’t you love that? Wouldn’t you love being the maid and make me the mistress?
-Yes, what?
-Yes mistress.
-Good maid. But a man can’t be a maid, that’s a girl’s job. What to do?… You loved women’s bodies, so if you turn into a sexy woman with big boobs and ass you will get two birds with a stone. Wouldn’t you love that?
-Yes mistress- in the blink of an eye his body morphed, she now had really big breasts, brown hair and a figure to die for, even Alice was a bit excited seeing the hot woman wearing man’s clothes in from of her.
-You are truly a beautiful maid, but Mike is a name that doesn’t make justice to your new body, as your mistress I name you Michelle. Aren’t you happy, Michelle?
-Yes mistress.
-Finally, if you are a maid, you can’t be powerful, as your mistress you will always obey me, I will control your life, mind and body. Understood?
-Yes mistress.
-Good, now you should start working- Michelle stand up and ran for the duster-. Michelle, this is the maid outfit- Alice said pointing to the clothes that her former master wanted her to wear. Read more

playing videogames

-Turn off that damn machine and put some pants on- Sophie yelled at her little brother, Tim, who was playing videogames in his reclining chair, wearing only an interior shirt and his underpants.
The 21 years old girl couldn’t stand the stupid way of living of his brother, despite having 16 years he was losing his life with that stupid thing. If he continued like that he would never go to college, and studies were important in real life.
-I play without pants- he said without looking at her.
-You are a pig.
-It is better, this way I can play without having to take them out all the time.
The screen showed a barely dressed girl with giant breast that shook with every step she made, then the character bent in front of the camera, totally showing her cleavage to the player. Sophie was about to comment the misogynist the game was, when she realized that her brother had stuck his hand in his underwear, the move under the clothes was clear to her.
-You… you…- she was speechless-, you are gross, disgusting, I am ashamed of having a brother like you. You should get a real life.
-You mean a life like yours?- Tim said smiling at her
He quickly returned his attention to the screen, but suddenly a hand took his remote. He looked at his sister, she was angrier than ever. Tim decided not to irritate her more and slowly took out his hand and walked to the door, realizing he was about to left his room in only his underwear, he turned to pick something to wear, but his sister looked at him with fire in her eyes. Tim left wondering what to do and hoping that his sister wouldn’t break his console. In that moment he felt something coming out of his body. He didn’t see anything different so he continued walking.
Shopie blinked, was the strange beam she just saw connecting her and her brother an illusion? Probably. She had being studying a lot lately and her mind was getting dizzy. She looked at the screen. How could someone like those things? That woman was gross in so many ways, she should turn off the machine, maybe break it, but… Why not? She thought as she sat in the chair and started playing, she needed a break after all.
As she played, Sophie realized that the game wasn’t so bad, it was really fun hitting everything you saw, battling giant monsters and laughing with easy jokes. She lay back in the chair, but that wasn’t all, she was getting hot, somehow seeing the sexy girls in the game moving their boobs and asses everywhere was turning her on. She took off her clothes, letting only her shoes, socks and thong. A cold breeze made her nipples hard so she put one of her brother’s interior shirt on, without covering her belly. But that wasn’t enough, the screen showed a really busty girl moving her boobs up and down, that was beyond her. Slowly her hand reached her pussy, wondering why she was wearing a thong, underpants had more room to play, she should change her underwear when she was done.
Suddenly Tim opened the door, he was wearing a blouse, a skirt that covered his knees and low heels.
-What are you doing, Sophie?
-Playing in my room- she answered without taking her hand out of her thong.
Tim turned while saying:
-I can’t believe such a pig is my brother.
Sophie didn’t mind her sister, she was a bitch whose only thought was study. She preferred playing with herself and with videogames.