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Be careful with this

“Mike! Come in here quickly!” Mike put away his headphones and went downstairs to see what his mom wants. “What is it mom?” He asked. “What do you think about this?” His mom turned around to show off her body. She looked a bit younger and her body was in better shape. “Wow, how did you do this?” Mike was stunned. “It’s all thanks to this” She showed him a shiny coin. “It can grant wishes, we can have anything we desire” Mike looked at the item in her hand. “I don’t know mom. If this thing holds such power we better be careful with it” Mike warned his mom but it looked like she didn’t listen to him. Suddenly Mike wobbled. He had to grab onto something for balance. “Oh my. Looks like my wish was wrongly interpreted” She giggled. “I told you to be careful mom” Mike groaned. “And why the hell i am a woman” He asked looking down at his body. “It was my wish, well maybe not exactly what i wanted but it can work out”. Mike looked puzzeled at his mom “What do you mean?” He asked. “You see, since we moved in here i felt a little bit lonely. I have no friends here so i wished for one. It looks like the coin decided you will be my friend” She explained. “Change me back mom” Mike demanded. “what’s the hurry? We can spend some time together, right Julie? How about we go shopping?” Mike’s mom was getting excited. The look of shock disappeared from Mike’s face and was replaced by a smile “It sure sounds fun Rachel” Mike now Julie agreed. “Great! Just let me get my purse” Rachel said and soon they both went to the mall.