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A Steep Price

It all started out one night at a bachelor party. Max was getting married, but his best friends Ron, Jeffery, and Michael were going to make sure that he was going to have one final night of freedom before tying the knot. It was going to be legendary, they’d been planning it for months. All the best booze, a limousine all to themselves, and of course the most popular strip clubs in town. The stage was set, it was going to be the best night they’d all had in a long time. Read more

Dr Rethsteki

“Hey Jeremy”, the girl turned to face an mature woman in a lab coat. “You’re a girl now”.
The girl smiled a happy smile. Jeremy had always read TG captions and fantazized about him one day being a her. But thanks to Dr Rethsteki all is good.
Dr Rethsteki discovered a chemical procedure that can instantly transform males into females. The doctor immediately used the process on himself to make him a deliciously curvy MILF. Dr Rethsteki valued her formula and wanted to share the joy of being a woman with others.
Jeremy can now share that joy. Jeremy is now a girl who is indeed very beautiful. She has an undeniably pretty face, a slim figure and long brown hair. All of which makes Jeremy very happy. Dr Rethsteki hopes to help many other men. 😉