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Artemis’ Army: Who I want to be

Julian always felt like he had to compensate for his large size and demeanor. In reality, he always wanted to be a small Asian woman. He loved their beauty and innocent nature. What he didn’t realize was that a mystical woman a few blocks away could hear his thoughts. Wanting to not just make another white chick, she grabbed a reality arrow and took aim. The room spun around Julian as he felt weak and couldn’t see straight. As soon as the spinning stopped he realized he was different. He was shorter, smaller, and most importantly a woman. He ran to the mirror to see the changes. It was his dream come true. As he looked around he realized his room changed was now that of a woman, filled with clothes of soft fabric and other girly things. She heard a voice in her head. “Julie, you are first of many to join the sisterhood, you will teach other new women to embrace their feminine side”. That was okay with her, she was finally who she wanted to be.