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Turned into a Chick: Suck your own dick

Alex was overweight and always begged his girlfriend Jessica to give him a blowjob. Tired of this she decided to teach him a lesson. Giving off the impression she would finally do it, she instead ripped it off with magic and turned it into a dildo. Shocked by losing his manhood, Alex began to scream. Not being completely a monster she changed Alex into a skinny redhead. ” Alexis” she said, if you want to regain your manhood you must do a 1,000 push-ups and as you go down, you must go down on yourself. Do this by the end of the year and I’ll give you your manhood back. Here we see Alexis 3 months and 500 push-ups in. She’s determined to get her manhood back and if not she can definitely give you a great blowjob.