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Fabricated lie

I woke up feeling different, like my whole life has been a lie. My wife was out of town, staying with my inlaws. Somehow, I felt like she wasn’t really my wife. I know, I had been married for 6+ years, but still, everything seems a fabricated lie. Read more

Caught spying

It was time to teach these new girls how to behave like ones. “You wanted to spy on us?, well… Welcome to the sorority!” I yelled at the blonde girl’s ear. Inside myself I was laughing, remembering how the same thing had happened to me years ago. “Yeah!”, Amy yelled, “lets see how much you enjoy guys looking at you while you are naked”. After making fun of them and taking some pictures, we handed them some clothes, some thight and trashy clothes. “If you want to break the spell, if you want to go back to your formerselfs, you must have sex with a guy in the next 24 hours” I told them. Read more