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Please confirm your name

“Is it over already” I asked hardly breathing. “Please confirm your male name” said the robot. “It is Rob” I answered as I calmed my breathing.
“Please confirm your female name” the robot said. “I am not a female” I said. “wrong answer” said the robot. Then I felt huge pain as the bed electrefied me. “You are a female now. Please state your new name” the robot said. “How did you do that to me?” I asked. “There is no need for you to know this information right now” the robot said.
Then a mirror was lifted right in front of me. “Do you like you new self” the robot asked. I looked at myself for the first time. I was looking amazing. I had pair of perfect boobs, curly and blonde hair and such a sexy figure.
“I do look good” I said with a smile. “Are you happy about your new self?” The robot said. “I do” I said finally accepting the change. “Would you like to make other men join you?” the robot asked. “I do, every man should feel as good as I feel right now” I said.
“Please confirm your female name” the robot asked. “It is Riley” I chose my new name. The robot untied me from the bed. “come with me Riley we got a lot of work to do” he said as I followed it.