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Missing car

It started like a nightmare. I couldn’t find my car. “I remember I parked here” I said outloud, holding my car keys, but my car was nowhere to be seen. I searched for hours, asking people if they had seen it. But people just seemed to ignore me. I swear I heard a girl called me “cursed”. “This isn’t funny” I yelled. I heard the echo of my voice. I saw a silhouette of a man in the far distance. He kept walking towards me “hello?” he said. “Hi” I yelled back. “We are closing the parking lot” he said. “Sure, I just have to find my car” I said. “What are you talking about?” the man said, “there are no cars left”. I realized it had been stolen. I dropped to the floor and broke down in tears. I know, not very manly of me, but I guess it was the stress of losing my car. Read more