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Not an expert

“Oh, not again!” I said, as I lost my balance and fell to the floor. It wasn’t easy walking in heels. Today I was in the body of my boss’s wife. I had to pretend to be her, I had to…. kiss him…. and pretend to love him, which sucked. Let me explain, two months ago, me and my friends tried a spell that would get me into the body of my boss. I would be married to his hot wife, and I would have his money and possessions. It sounded like a perfect plan. Except that we weren’t experts in casting spells, so I ended up in the body of my boss’s daughter. Read more

How difficult could it be?

If I had known it would be this difficult, I wouldn’t have agreed to swap bodies with my sister. It has been three weeks since we swapped, she promised me it was just for a couple of days. But she hasn’t been able to swap us back. She is now on a trip to the beach with all my friends. And here I am, pretending to be her, dating her boyfriend. Every night I have to come up with a different excuse not to sleep with him. And it is getting harder and harder, this body has urges, it has needs. Read more