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Three Generations of Beauty

My mother (middle) had always wanted a daughter. She would constantly go on about how great it would be to be a third generation of blonde beauties. The first generation being my Grandmother (left). She had a few serious conversations with Dad about making it happen. This made Dad furious and he walked out on the family.
I didn’t want to be a girl. No way. I was a boy. However with Dad absent Mom had the opportunity. She dragged me into the TG Clinic to become her daughter. I came out as a young healthy blonde (right). Mom and Grandma were wrapped with the results. They had a beautiful young girl to carry on the tradition. I hated my new body. Being a girl wasn’t easy. However, soon I loved. There a few things better than feeling a part of and included in the family. I am the envy of many. I can now sit however I please due to my lack of genitals, however, we must keep it lady like of course.
I feel bad for fighting the change because really it is the best thing to ever happen to me.