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What a day!

It was a regular day just like any other but I guess I didn’t imagine I was going to get fucked in such a glorious way. I had been looking for a job for awhile now and it was getting nowhere really quickly; however, I decided not to give up hope in pursuit of a job I didn’t want to end up back on the street after my girlfriend had threatened to throw me out if I didn’t come home with a job. I finally came across an ad on the computer from TG Science and Entertainment god if I only knew sooner. I went in for my interview and this giant well built man was sitting at the desk. He opened up a folder and said ” Hello Derrick, I am Thomas and I will be asking you a couple of questions if you don’t mind.” I nodded reassuring him I was use to the procedure and he continued ” Well Derrick do you have any passed experience in lab work or entertainment?” I had gotten nervous and I replied ” I am not very good at any form of science, but I use to be a manager of a small organization handling accounting and transactions.” Thomas seemed relaxed and he gave me a nice smile ” Well I can put you to good use starting as my assistant.” “Thank you thank you thank you!” I exclaimed happy and relieved I would finally have a job. “Just bend over my desk to sign the papers and we will get started.” I bent down to sign the papers and in a quick rush he pushed me down. This man was much stronger than me and I could not escape his pleasuring touch. Wait did I really think this it all happened so quickly he pulled down my pants and I started to moan. My skin started to tingle as he entered my ass spreading my cheeks quickly and sharply without hesitation. I started to feel my nipples push forward and I moaned even louder as breasts nice and plump started to appear. Next my hair grew and it was all happening so quickly until I realized that finally my penis started to retract inward and Thomas started to sink his dick into my newly developed pussy. I was so wet and I screamed with joy as he pumped me harder each time. I could not believe the joy this was giving me I was never guy as a man but I guess I never will be as a women either. I moaned with great satisfaction as he firmly groped my chest and he cummed in my sweet tight pussy. I really feel like a woman now I mean I am a real women now my boyfriend Thomas doesn’t like my old name so I go by Dianna now and I get pounded every day. What a day it was when he first turned me I never wanna go back to having a dick a pussy is just too much fun! Maybe you can join me someday. 😉