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Batman no more.

The joker had enough of Batman so he come up with the perfect plan . “Joker your reign of terror is over hand yourself in you know I’ll beat you” “the same could be said for you bats haha haha ha ha” “what do you mean joker” ” youll see bats” joker through his new joker gas at Batman but this time Batman was vulnerable to it it started to morph he grew long hair, his nipples grew and became dd cup breasts next his manhood retreated and he was fully feminized ready for the joker “oh Mr joker I’m ready for playtime!” “Haha oh I am too darling

The most expensive item

I was elated when I found out I won the lottery, but was slightly disappointed when I learned that the prize wasn’t cash. The prize, instead, was a ticket–a free pass to a luxurious hotel for a week; I suppose the hotel was sponsoring the lottery and such. If it’s of any consolation, I was informed that the free pass is the ultimate free pass, meaning that absolutely every expense I spend in the hotel will be covered. So, perhaps to release my frustration that I wasn’t winning any cash, I planned to bath in sparkling wines and waste as much as I could before the pass expires. Read more


“POLICE OPEN UP!” I yelled, banging on the door. No response. I backed up and tightened my chest, ramming into the door and busting it off the hinges. Smoke barreled out of the house, causing me to step back. I grabbed a flashlight with one hand and covered my mouth with the other, proceeding into the property.
“Police!” I mumbled through my hand, “Come out with your hands above your head!” As I walked through the hallways I found myself struggling to position myself. The smoke was everywhere and even with the light I could barely see five feet in front of me. More importantly, this place was hot. Part of me thought the building was on fire if it wasn’t for the smell. It was a strong, feminine smell, like a perfume isle in a department store. I proceeded forward, trying to find a room to enter through the fog.
“Police!” I repeated. Part of me was beginning to wonder if anyone was even home. I unbuttoned my uniform, desperate for relief from the heat. I’d pant if it weren’t for the smoke.
“I know you’re in here,” I said, unable to muster a yell, “Come out with your hands up.” By now I had taken off both my shirt and undershirt, leaving my badge behind. I felt almost desperate for relief, for a window or something. It was so hard to breathe, I needed air. My hands subconsciously slipped to my belt, unbuckling it and letting my pants slip off behind me. My underwear was next, along with my socks. I was naked, glistening in sweat and panting for breathe. The smoke I once tried to shield from my lungs I now helplessly sucked in. I helplessly shined my flashlight forward before my hand buckled under the weight. I saw a figure ahead.
“Puh…puh…” I gasped, struggling to speak. I fell to my knees and found myself crawling forward, my vision obscured by a mess of hair. “Puh…poll…poh…” I looked up to see the figure directly in front of me. I reached for him, unsure of what to do next. My arm wrapped around his leg and he kicked forward, flipping me onto my back.
“Polliiiicccee…” I mustered, my eyes slipping shut.
“Shhh,” he said, “You’re mine now, just like the others.”
I felt it. The weight on my chest. The empty burning where my penis once was. My skin was soft to the touch. I wanted to protest, I wanted to fight, but I needed to sleep.
“No,” I whispered, before it all faded away.