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Nothing left

This man has stolen everything from me. My pride. My power. My masculinity. My identity.
Now he’s stealing my virginity. And you know what? I don’t actually care. To the girl with nothing, all that matters anymore is pure pleasure. All I need to keep surviving is him impaling me until i can cum my girly brains out and he can fill my snatch with his hot cum.

no condoms

If she hadn’t fudged the numbers that’s 6 down…. 34 to go. Jane had her work cut out for her.
until very recently, about 3 days ago, Jane had been John Miller, local lady killer at bar in a small city. He was always surrounded by attractive women , and wound up in bed with one of them more nights than not.
That was how John met Caroline, the friendly new girl, a stranger to town. Soon they got to exchanging meaningful glances, and they left for John’s apartment. They were barely in the threshold when they started ripping their clothes off. John was pulling out a condom when Caroline stopped him.
“I’m allergic to latex” she explained. “Besides, I’m on the pill and I don’t have any STDs. Would you please just fuck me without a condom? You can just pull out before you cum.”
John was hesitant at first but quickly got over his reluctance as Caroline started to give him the best head he had ever had. Soon John was plowing Caroline missionary style as she screamed for him to fuck her harder.
“I’m about to pull out,” said John. “I’m sorry,” Caroline whispered back as she wrapped her legs around Johns back. John only had time to think “You bitch” before he painted her guts white with his cum and passed out.
John woke up to an empty apartment and a pounding headache. He was drenched in sweat. He placed a hand to his head to steady himself and found what felt like far too much hair. Weird.
he went to scratch his chest. he made a mental note to work out more. Starting to get flabby
He thought about his wild lover last night. Damn she was a good fuck, He was getting wet just thinking about her.
His eyes snapped open as his right hand rushed for his crotch, desperately in search of his cock. To his horror all he found was a hard clit and a sopping wet cunt.
John felt a sudden inescapable need to be filled. She plunged 2 fingers into her aching cunt and began to fuck herself. her other hand played with her clit as she lost herself in her new body.
“Fuuuuuuuuuuck” she moaned as she came for the first of several times that morning. her whole body writhed in pleasure.
When she finally finished playing with herself Jane noticed a note on her dresser.
it read: I’m sorry but by now you have probably realized that you’ve transformed into a woman. You are now the victim of an ancient curse. I too am a victim. To transform back into a man you must get 40 men to come inside you within the next month. If you don’t you’ll stay a woman forever. Each male you get to cum inside you will transform as you and I have and be subject to the same contract. Again, sorry for what i did to you but i really want my dick back. Sincerely, Connor aka Caroline.
Now Jane spends most of her time looking for guys to fuck who no one would miss. It would be a lie to say she doesn’t enjoy it. What a shame that fine dicks like these would soon be lost to the world. Thats life. She thinks she might need to start doing threesomes to meet her quota….