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Why not a little longer?

Luke had always been curious about the life of a woman. The Femchamber was the perfect opportunity to learn more. He went in and became a beautiful blonde. Luke loved the new body. The face was just so pretty and being a girl was so much more fun. So Luke contacted the business that ran the Femchamber to organise making the change permanent. The business gladly assisted Luke in his desire and Luke became Lara.

Thank God for the Femchamber

The Femchamber saves lives. I went from a depressed man considering why I even bothered to breath to a happy female.
I love being a woman. The fact that I can move and sit without the annoying hinderance of male genitalia is perfect. I love the way I can wear dresses that allow air to get to my feminine crotch. I love my smooth skin and the pretty clothes. And believe me, I don’t understand men can’t stand living without a pair of breasts to play with.
In conclusion, as I hold my glass high between my girly hands, I can not thank the Femchamber enough for saving my life.