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Inside Out – A Hooker Documentary

Synopsis: “Inside Out – A Hooker Documentary” will examine the experiences of a young man named Patrick Lark, who is surgically and medically transformed into Penelope Lark. That is only the prologue for the story however, as much of the story will focus on her journey into not only the world of womanhood, but the world of women in prostitution. A man will experience exactly what it’s like to not be the one paying for a prostitute, but actually becoming the prostitute, experiencing what she experiences as a high priced hooker walking the streets for cash. He, now a she, will experience the dangers, taboo, lust, sex, and risks involved in prostitution, being the one vulnerable to the very men who are her clients. Patrick Lark willingly took this journey into that world, volunteering for the procedures to make him a woman, and the experiences that come after in prostituting himself for a living. Read more