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Finally Accepted

It was sophomore year, and Jerry still wasn’t a part of a fraternity. He couldn’t understand it, but his former roommate Will could. Jerry was a nerd, overly-clingy, and he had the looks of a pug. Yet the poor guy had the perseverance every day to ask his old pal to be entered into the fraternity. Will felt bad for his friend, and relented after a couple of weeks. The acceptance trials were coming up, and maybe Jerry could shape up to get in. Jerry didn’t shape up, he just tried to act popular and thanks to not reading the lines of the fraternity contract closely, he was now in a room with Will after failing to complete a mile run without walking, picking up a local chick in 10 minutes, and failing to chug a bottle of beer, but ending up to throw up the contents of it, his lunch, and his breakfast.
“So, am I in?” Jerry asked.
“Sort of.” Will replied.
“Well?! What’s with the long face?” his nerdy friend replied.
“You are selected to become one of our tutors to help the fraternity members’ needs….” said Will.
“I don’t get what’s so bad,” Jerry said, frantically only noticing the only pieces of furniture was a chair on the balcony, and an mattress on the floor.
“Sorry Jerry…” Will said as he held up Jerry’s contract in his direction and started chanting. Jerry tried to cry out, but his body was starting to send out mixed messages of pain and pleasure. He could feel his body shrink further, and become petite. His body hair fell out and started to clump down on the floor, and he doubled over. His spin crack, giving a feminine curve to his back, and his butt raised and expanded in the air, to something more suitable to a real man’s taste. His hips broke outwards, breaking the buttons of his jeans, and his thighs squeezed his penis inside of his body as they plumed up. She start to breathe heavily, as she can feel the estrogen pump into body. Them shoulders cracked inwards, and while her new hair grew soft and longer as well Jerry’s face softened and became more feminine. The finally, two nicely apportioned b-cups expanded onto Jerry’s chest, signaling that the transformation was over. “What did you do?!” Jerry cried in his new soprano octave.
“Accepted you,” Will replied. “Now let’s see if all of the faculties function.” And he proceeded to coerce Jerri into fulfilling his needs.