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I know what you’re thinking

I know what you’re thinking. That there’s no way I could really be your best friend Kevin. And especially after what we just did. I bet you never thought you’d hear your wingman screaming out your name while you took him from behind. Of course, you certainly can’t call me a “him” anymore. As you well know, I’m ALL woman now – just the type of seductive morsel we used to hit on at bars and clubs. I think Candi is a better name for me now, don’t you? And it’s all thanks to the TG Flu.
I know what you’re thinking. That there’s no such thing as the TG Flue. That it’s just a myth or an urban legend. That’s what I thought too, at least until I caught it myself. I guess this is what happens when you bring home random women – you don’t know what they might be bringing with them. The girl was a knockout, with the biggest rack I’d ever seen, and she came after me like a jungle predator. It was incredibly not – feverish even. We went at it for hours, exchanging all sorts of fluids, just like you’re not supposed to when you’re sick. By the time she finally fell asleep, I was dizzy, nauseous, burning up, and more aroused than I’ve ever been in my entire life. An hour later, I looked like this – beautiful, round tits, long blonde hair, seductive eyes, and a pussy that was just screaming to be filled.
I know what you’re thinking. That a manly man like your old pal Kevin would never act like such a girly girl – putting on makeup, doing his nails, flirting with guys – even if he did have a pair of knockers on his chest. But honestly, I’ve never been happier. It’s so liberating to be free from all that chest beating bravado. There are so many more delicious things I can do with my new chest. But really, I’m the same old person. I still enjoy sex. In fact, even more than I used to. After all, you heard me moaning. Every touch is like a symphony of pleasure. And having your cock inside me… I thought I knew what an orgasm felt like, but the first time you penetrated me was better than every ejaculation I’ve ever experienced. And it just kept getting better until the climax hit me like a freight train. Now that I’ve had that, I can’t even imagine going back. That’s one of the other things about me, that hasn’t changed – I go after what I want. After twenty-four hours of playing with this delectable new body on my own, I wanted real sex. I wanted your cock. And I got it. That’s why I didn’t tell you who I was at first. I knew you wouldn’t be able to handle it. But don’t worry. I can tell you’re disconcerted, but we won’t be doing this again. Don’t get me wrong, you were great, but this was our only chance.
I know what you’re thinking. That the TG Flue stays contagious for forty-eight hours. You’re wondering why you feel so warm, even though you’ve got goosebumps. You’re wondering if that churning in your stomach is just something you ate, the beginning of an illness, or maybe something changing. You’re wondering why your cock is still hard even after three rounds of sex. And you’re wondering if your cock has always been that small. I’m sorry, buddy. I really am. But I was going out of my mind. And look at it this way: we can still be best friends! We’ll hit the bars and clubs together picking up dates just like we always have. Well, maybe not JUST like always. But I have to tell you, it’s so much better from the other side. There’s nothing as unnerving and thrilling as knowing that a guy wants you. And the sex! I know I keep mentioning it, but that’s because it’s amazing! Of course, you’ll know soon. I think I can already see the first swelling of your new tits. Hopefully you’ll get nice big ones like me. I think you’re already getting thinner too. Soon your penis will retract, and a brand new pussy will open up, already dripping wet and ready to be penetrated. And I’ll be here to help you get used to your new body. Trust me; you’ll enjoy it.