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Never going to fail again

-“It’s not fair mom! Why can she go to that party while I’m not even allowed to go gaming with my friends?”-
-“Because your sister has passed all of her exams, while you have failed half of them, that’s why! Now go to your room before your punishment gets worse!”-
Hank roughly closed the door and sat down on his bed. It’s impossible that Cathy passed all of her exams, she never studies!
“I wish I knew how she is able to pass all of her exams.”
All of a sudden, Hank passed out.
A very erotical feeling wakes him up. He’s not in his bedroom anymore, but in a classroom! “Oh!”
He starts moaning as you feels the big dick of his math teacher being slammed into his pussy. WAIT… PUSSY??
Hank screams. “Mm yes, I like that.” He hears his teacher say.
As he keeps riding him faster and faster he forgets the sorrows and the impossiblility of the situation.
As he reaches his first female orgasm he starts spasming and cumming all over in great pleasure.
“That’s definitely an A on maths.” He hears his teacher say.
Hank doesn’t care anymore, all he wants is to earn another A like this.