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Pink spot

“I’ll be in the next room making a call, but just wait here for a few minutes, i’ll be right back” my friend James said. I sat on the brown couch. I could hear James talking to someone on the phone. I looked up and saw a small pink dot on the ceiling. It looked like a piece of gum was stuck there. It then started dripping. “It looks like paint” I said. I was looking at the drops falling and the stain it was leaving on the rug, when I noticed the “paint” had a flower odor. “It smells like women’s perfume” I said outloud. I stood up and decided to touch one of the drops, It was kind of gooey. I then took a closer look. The smell was even more intense. I noticed the goo on my finger was spreading. I tried to clean my fingers with my own shirt, but I couldn’t. By now, the goo had spread all over my hand. I was about to run to the bathroom, when I felt pain on my hand. I just sat back on the couch, trying to scream, but a goo drop had fallen on my head and had spread through my face too. Read more