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Always follow instructions

Sam opened the fridge looking for a can of beer. It had been a long day and he needed a drink. But the only thing he could find was an odd looking bottle labeled ‘Happy Cat’. Read more

A Good Kitty

Sean was a rude boy. He is a troublemaker and often says mean stuff to people.
When he was walking down the street, there was an homeless old lady sitting on the side of the street with her cats. Walking past the lady, Sean smells the bad smell coming from of the cat.
“Damn, your cat stinks. Go clean that piece of shit..” Sean said as he kicks the cat. Making the old lady seems very shocked and quickly grab her cat.
“What a garbage to society” He whisper as he pass by.
Nearby, there was a gypsy that saw what Sean has done and decided to teach him a lesson. The gypsy decided to turn Sean into a cat girl and give him a new life he won’t forget.
As Sean get to his home, he felt unwell. So he decided to get some sleep. When he wake up in the next morning, he was in a different room. He was feeling weird, and take a seat by the side of the bed. Thats when he realized his hair falling to his chest, he also discovered the two mounds of flesh from his chest. He was shocked to find he was not in his old body. He was now a She! Read more

The cat

My exgirlfriend had a funny looking cat. I used to be more of a dog person, but I never told her. One day, out of the blue, for no reason at all, her cat scratched my arm, and then licked the wound. I pretended it didn’t hurt, but it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Days passed, and although the wound had already disappeared, the pain didn’t. Read more