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Shouldn’t Have Snuck In On Momma Part 2

“Unless…” she said, her voice trailing off. “Here, take this stone,” she said, taking from her pocket and handing to me a small rock. I looked at her skeptically. She continued.
“Now, wish for our breasts to be exchanged!” she seemed so excited by this, so I humored her. I made the wish, and contrary to my expectations, something happened.
My chest started feeling really warm and…constricted. As if somebody had just dropped a huge weight on top of me. My t-shirt began to feel tight, and my bra straps were cutting into my shoulders.
“Wha-what’s happening?” I said to the black-haired woman. She didn’t respond, but I heard a snap come from below my shirt. My bra was broken.
I looked down, and saw things I had only dreamed of resting on my chest:
Actual boobs! No…tits! Tits that were stretching my shirt almost to the breaking point. Tits! On my chest! I think they’re even bigger than Mom’s!
I looked up at the strange woman, and saw something very different on her chest: she had become almost completely flat-chested! In fact, her shirt was so low cut, and there was much less inside it now, that I could clearly see both her small hard nipples through the neck hole.
“That was amazing!” I shouted, grabbing at my new fleshy mounds.
“You’re telling me,” she said with relief. “Now I don’t have to carry those things around any more.” She grabbed at her own chest. “They won’t be calling THESE ‘Huge Hilary’s heavy hangers’. I’ll have them all to myself now!”
I had no idea what she was talking about, but I excused myself and ran back home, a feat made much more difficult by my new assets flopping around unrestrained by my now useless bra. I’d have to see if one of Mom’s fit when I got home.
I got home and closed the door behind me, calling out to my mother as I did so. No response. She must not be home. I ran upstairs, shouting a “calm down girls!” (I can actually call them “the girls” now!) to my chest as I did so. I entered her room, and went straight for her underwear drawer. I picked out her biggest maternity bra, and after removing my shirt and ruined bra, I tried hers on.
It didn’t fit. My new titflesh was bursting out the top and sides, and probably a little bit was sneaking out of the bottom. This is the bra she wore when her breasts were at their fullest, and it couldn’t even hold my non-pregnant jugs.
“I can’t wait to show Mom!” I said, squeezing my huge breasts in the large bra. With perfect timing, I heard the door downstairs open. I bounded down the steps, my boobs slightly more restrained now, but they still wobbled all over the place in my hurry.
“Look Mom! I shouted at her. “My tits are even bigger than yours now!” I flexed, and tore the backstrap of the bra, setting my new girls free. My mother just stared with her mouth wide open. I couldn’t wait to explain this one…