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Tattoed by sharpie

How could he know? Tom was quite bored last saturday morning. He grabbed a black sharpie and started drawing on his body, pretending he had tattoos. He started with a small spaceship close to his belly button. Then a devil and a woman being seduced by him. A broken casket bellow his belly button. Then he looked for some ideas online. He added some kind of comic strip on his left arm. Read more

I swapped for this?

All my life I dreamed of finally being a beautiful girl being fucked by a real cock. Years of hormones and surgery, practice, voice lessons, clothes, and I finally am ready to give my new body to someone, to let them take me like a bitch, and I end up with this guy… I hope the next guy is better than this or I’m going after girls, at least they will know how to take care of me and get me off!