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I Can Almost Feel It…

After a long day at work, all I wanted to do was take a long shower. As I walked through the house in a daze, I think my wife said something about her body wash. Not sure what she said. I went in to the bathroom and turn on the shower to get it nice and hot. I stripped down and climbed in and just let the water just run over me. That really helped , I was feeling a lot better. I looked around for some soap and noticed the body wash. “Oh, this is what she was talking about…” I said. Without reading what the bottle said, I put a generous amount in my hands and began to rub it all over my body. “This stuff really smells good!” I said as I continued to rub it all over. I could feel a tingle start to wash over me. It actually felt good! What I didn’t realize was the wash was for women only! It was slowly changing me! As I stood there enjoying the shower, It was enjoying changing me! First, my hair got longer, my legs and arms got slender…My butt and waist began to change, one getting bigger and the other more slender. The tingling continued, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. It was intoxicating!!! Next, I could feel a swelling in my chest area as my breasts began to develop. The last thing to hit me was the erotic tingle I was getting in my groin area. It started slowly , but built quickly….. I can almost feel it as I reached my fingers down there to explore….

Read The Label Part 2

Well after the final rinse off of the body wash, I had changed into a complete woman! And a horny one at that! I was enjoying using the shower head pulsing on my new sex, really getting into my building orgasm, when the shower door opened and a hunk of a man walked in .(Did I just say that?) His erection had me hypnotized ! He was SO BIG! I started toward the shower door when he grabbed me! He reached up with his masculine hand and started massaging my breast! Oh I just melted ! I closed my eyes and let him take over…I could feel his penis rubbing against my ass and I started pushing back into it! Ooooh it feels go good! I need it inside of me!!! Oh, PLEASE PLEASE! Fuck me! I can’t stand it anymore!!! I feel like I’m going to explode!!!!

Look At The Label!!!

I went in to take a nice shower and get the worries of the world washed away. There was a strawberry colored bottle of body wash there. I grabbed it, not paying any attention to the labeling on the bottle. I was really enjoying my shower, this wash really seems to be invigorating me! I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the sweet aroma of the wash and the way it was making me feel. What I didn’t realize was , all my body hair had fallen out and gone down the drain…As I felt a tingle in my chest and groin area ,I opened my eyes and had to pull my hair out of my face! WHAT!!!! OMG!!! This feeling….my body is changing…. I have breasts…nice beautiful breasts! And where my manhood once was is a perfect pussy, so wet and moist!!! My ass is so soft and round!!! What am I saying…must read the label! OMG!!! This is for women only, NOT to be used by men! Totally Femme is nor responsible for what might happen…Oh Great!!!Well….Lets do another wash and rinse and finish the job!!! I feel so totally turned on!….