Read The Label Part 2

Well after the final rinse off of the body wash, I had changed into a complete woman! And a horny one at that! I was enjoying using the shower head pulsing on my new sex, really getting into my building orgasm, when the shower door opened and a hunk of a man walked in .(Did I just say that?) His erection had me hypnotized ! He was SO BIG! I started toward the shower door when he grabbed me! He reached up with his masculine hand and started massaging my breast! Oh I just melted ! I closed my eyes and let him take over…I could feel his penis rubbing against my ass and I started pushing back into it! Ooooh it feels go good! I need it inside of me!!! Oh, PLEASE PLEASE! Fuck me! I can’t stand it anymore!!! I feel like I’m going to explode!!!!


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