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Why is everybody looking?

Well, As I got out and walked to the parking lot, I felt weird, off balance you could say. And that was not the worst part, I felt like everybody was looking at me. I didn’t know what was wrong. I just kept walking. Then I stepped on a kids toy, I almost fell. I looked down as I regained my balance, when I notice everything was wrong. I was wearing a white dress, I had 2 bumps on my chest and one on my stomach. “What the?” I grabbed my round belly, and thought “Is a baby in there?”. I looked at my hands, they looked feminine. I felt a small movement in my belly. I had to touch it again. It was the baby. I then saw a man standing at my left, he was taking a picture of me. “Honey, are you ok? I am sure the baby is fine”. “who are you?” I asked him. “Honey? I am your fiance! we are here to get married. don’t you remember?” I sure didn’t, I remember 10 minutes ago being a man. But this is the body of a woman, I must be imagining things, I must be a woman, “I must nervous or something” I told my fiance. Read more