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Middle of Nowhere, Montana

Where am I? What am I doing here? All I remember is walking. Why am I naked? I’m, I’m a girl? Why is a naked girl walking all alone in the middle of no where? How did I get here? I can’t remember! Do I remember my name? Amanda? That sounds right. Why can’t I remember anything else? A road! Maybe it will lead somewhere. Somewhere I can get answers. An old pick up truck is stopping. An old man is getting out. Read more


“I figured you would call me when you needed something…” I said. Rehnia pleaded ” I wouldn’t asked for your help if I had anyone else…” “Yeah I know…You and a few others know of my special talent…” I need you to meet a client in Dallas for me as me. I can’t go because I’m sick and can’t go. Please,please please!!! I’ll do anything for you!!!” I said “Ok, Ok, Ok, I’ll do it . Pack me a set of clothes and have me something to wear when I get to your house tomorrow. ” I got to her house and went into an extra room to transform. When I came out, she went “Wow!!! How do you do it? You look exactly like me!!” I said “No time to explain, got a plane to catch”. Here I am in Dallas, relaxing and about to see what really gets this body going, cause its gonna cost her when I get back….