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girls day

Frank and his friends began this tradition of cressing like women for ladies day at the races while they were in college . they have not missed the event in 12 years and in fact several of the guys dress like women for evey race! Frank who seems to be the leader has actualy changed his name to Franny and dresses like a woman every day. They all enjoy rhe attention they recieve as women and do rhere best to satisfy there suitors accordingly!

comfy at work

john always noticed how comfortable the girls in his office looked . they mostly wore leggings and loose tops. one night after work he brought the subject up with his girlfriend and she suggested that since there was no dress code against him wearing leggings that he should wear some of her clothes to see if he was comfortable in them . He borrowed her leggings and this cowl neck top but he did have to go out and buy his own knee high boots as his feet were too big for hers.