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Forgetting Everything

At first I was fine. I had accidentally turned myself into a girl with this app. I didn’t really think anything of it. It saod create your dream girl. I made sure she was super sexy, loved guys, loved oral, wasn’t very smart, had a killer body, and was way younger than me (18). I hit create on the app and next thing I knew I was her. My name was Bella. I was starting to have trouble remembering everything. I coyld remember having worked at an office building and having graduated college but now I could ibly remember going to my Moms office on the weekends sometimes and I hadn’t even graduated college yet. I used to love classic rock and a little bit of 90’s rap but now I could only think of Drake and how cute he was. 21 pilots and One D were my favorite brands though. I had a girlfriend but my thoughts were becoming replaced by my boyfriend Steven who I had met at the lake at a party last year (I sucked his dick the first night I knew him). I knew I could drive but now I never lifted a finger all the guys drove me around so what was the point of like, driving myself when I had lines of guys to do it for me. I remembered that my 7th period teacher Mr. Johnson only passed me because he knew that I would suck him off for a grade, I remembered that I was failing right now too and it was probably time to pay him a visit. My memory was gone and in its place memories of Bella replaced them. I forgot everything but now I am my dream girl.