On the Altar

Joe had found the witches hideout just as they were starting another ceremony. Joe had been following the convent of witches ever since they kidnapped his best friend and turned him into a woman. Once the witches were done with Joe’s friend, they sold the used-to-be-a-man to a whorehouse in a nearby village.

Joe ran from the trees with his knife intending to interrupt the ceremony before him. But before he could land a blow, the witches saw Joe and cast a glowing aura around him. He found himself lifted into the air and placed upon the altar in the middle of the ritual. His aura grew bright as his body molded into a red-headed vixen, right before the witches eyes. Joe couldn’t help but squirm and squeal and feel his new body. Each time he touched himself was like an orgasm. If he too was to be sold to the whore house, he was suddenly looking forward to it!


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