Not Having a Dick Again

Haha! How it must suck to be you? After all, we would know. You thought we were terrible boyfriends. To be fair, I don’t think either of us are willing to truly dispute that. You thought it would teach us a lesson if we swapped bodies and we walked a mile in your shoes. Well, you taught us a lesson. A lesson in womanhood. It’s far better, far better to be female.

It’s amazing, the space between my legs, no morning wood, the orgasms, the breasts. I never thought I could wear a dress or women’s shoes but I love it. We have embraced every single moment of our female lives and we intend to die as females. You are most certainly not getting your bodies back. So… I hope you like being men because that’s all you’re going to be unless you find two women to swap with. Those two women will not be us. I’m not having a dick again. Never.


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